Several Steps to Design

Several Steps to Design Your Bakery Blog

Several Steps to Design Your Bakery Blog. For some people, creating a blog is very difficult and challenging. They have don’t know how to create one and where to begin. Perhaps, you intend to build a blog with a food theme. Well, this article will discuss how to design a cool and interesting blog from beginning to end that you can apply to your bakery blog.

1. Determine the topic

Before customizing the color, design, the fonts, and the concept of your blog, you must determine the purpose of your blog first.

Why do you create a blog? What niche do you focus on? It will give a big impact on your blog design. Do you want to make a bakery blog? Or you can choose other niches according to your wishes. You should understand what you want and then you can start to design the blog beautifully.

Several Steps to Design
Several Steps to Design

2. Blog Structure

After you decide what kind of blog you want to create, then you can go to the next step where you should know the structure your blog. In general, a blog should consist of, sidebar, header, main content. You can also consider the footers. You have a chance to modify them according to your wishes.

The header will contain the name or the title of your blog. You also include a brief description on this section. You can also put some menus or navigations on header.

The sidebar contains social media profiles and other aspects such as your popular articles, article archives, recommended articles, and even the subscribe button.

The main contains contain your blog post or this is the place for your blog posts.

Meanwhile, the footer section contains several parts including a privacy policy, disclaimer, social media share buttons, and your contacts.

Several Steps to Design
Several Steps to Design

3. Write a Short Description

You also must create a brief description about your niche on your blog. It is located ¬†under the blog name or the tittle of your blog. For instance, your blog is a baker blog, it can be described as “A blog which talks all about bakery products”.

At this point, you must show your creativity. You need to write down the description in a short sentence. Why should it be short? Anyway, people want to know what kind of blog you have created and whether they have to read it or not.

Several Steps to Design
Several Steps to Design

4. Easy and Simple Navigation

When visitors need to find particular topic on the internet through your blog, you should provide some buttons that they can click so they can go to particular page. Suppose they want to read a post that you have published a few months ago, then you should provide a special button to go to the page. Perhaps, they would know the creator of the blog, then you may provide about me button on your blog.

5. White Space is Important

There is also an important part in a blog which is called white space.? White space is a part of a blog page that you do not fill with anything. We can simply say that white space I a kind of empty space where there are no texts, images, and etc. This is quite important to make your blog look readable and comfortable to see. So, the readers will comfortably read your post without any distractions.

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