How to Properly Apply

How to Properly Apply the Rule of Thirds

How to Properly Apply the Rule of Thirds. One of the most famous compositions in photography is the Rule of Thirds composition. So famous because the composition of the rule of thirds is very easy for us to learn, even for someone who is still a beginner or just learning photography and dadu online.

One more thing, this composition technique you can practice regardless of what camera limit you use, even using a smartphone if you apply this composition technique, the photos you produce will look more attractive.

The composition of the Rule of Thirds is to divide the space in your photo frame into 9 equal parts. As in the photo below, the 9 squares that divide the photo are formed from two horizontal lines and two vertical lines.

The point of intersection between the two lines where we place the main point of interest or object of the photo. The main steps to try this photo composition are as follows. Make sure you follow them step by step.

  1. Determine the main object of interest

Determine the main object that will be the point of interest in your photo as a whole. Before you take a photo, at least you have gotten a shadow of what if the photo was later. Of course, in determining the point of interest, photos are a personal choice for each of us, according to the place of shooting or the object being photographed.

Try also so that the background is not too distracting attention so that when people see your photo their attention is immediately drawn to the main object of the photo.

How to Properly Apply
How to Properly Apply
  1. Use imaginary Line, or simply activate the Grid option

Make an imaginary line in your mind when you look at the camera viewfinder. If you are using an LCD screen, use a grid that we can usually bring up in live view mode. If you use a smartphone camera you can imagine the imaginary line dividing the smartphone screen like the photo above.

How to Properly Apply
How to Properly Apply
  1. Always Place the Object at the intersection

Place the main object at the point of intersection of the line. You can choose from these four points, which are the most interesting, of course, don’t forget to adjust the background of your photo.

How to Properly Apply
How to Properly Apply
  1. Try different points

Don’t hesitate to try a few other points from this composition. Until you get a photo that suits your wishes, try to re-photograph the object that you want.

  1. Don’t Worry! You can Edit it Later.

If the picture still doesn’t give you any satisfaction, you can crop or edit the photo with a photo editing application.

Usually, the photo editing application has provided a grid when we will crop photos, just adjust the photos to be edited.

So, what do you think? Yes, maybe not all pictures taken with Rule of Thirds are guaranteed to be amazing. But, this is going to be your first step to be a professional photographer. There are many things you need to know to get good quality pictures, including lighting, color compositions, and many more.

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