7 Objects You Can

7 Objects You Can Use for Photography Practice

7 Objects You Can Use for Photography Practice. There are many ideas that you can work on as the first object of your camera and all come from your surroundings. Starting from your own front yard, and even some living plants, all the objects can be used to try the results of your drawings. But if you are still confused about what ideas are suitable for starting your photography, here are some ideas to try!

  1. Daily life

One of the trends on Instagram is that an image posted is an activity as a journal or diary entry. That means rather than you thinking about difficult things, start by taking pictures about your daily activities that are packaged attractively.

It could be from breakfast what you usually eat, with whom you hang out, or what objects are usually there when you shower. It sounds simple and stupid indeed, but that’s where it is interesting because you also learn to see an object from a different side.

7 Objects You Can
7 Objects You Can
  1. Adventure

Stories about exploring new places are always interesting to listen to, especially if accompanied by pictures. If you go on vacation to a place, especially places that are rarely known, take the picture.

7 Objects You Can
7 Objects You Can
  1. Events

Coming to an event is proof of your existence. Just giving a location and “being at this location” is not enough to prove that you came to the situs judi poker event. Try doing photography at the event. You can share your experiences while learning to pick good objects.

7 Objects You Can
7 Objects You Can
  1. People

Obviously, there are people around you, right? Whether it’s your sister, your sister, your mother, your friend, obviously you’re surrounded by people. This is your chance to make an interesting picture.

Just start by taking pictures of them. But remember, always ask for permission.

  1. Animals

Animal images are always a concern of people, especially animals in the wild. That’s because they are always beautiful to capture. For the case in the wild, taking pictures of animals there is not easy.

Besides you need to get the right moment, you also have to walk the path and prepare a sophisticated camera lens. Remember, they move quickly. If the camera is not well adjusted, the picture will get blur.

  1. Public Places

If you take this kind of picture, what you do is called street photography. Easy right? Whether taking someone sitting on a bus, waiting for a train, watching something, smoking, all of that can be an interesting object. Here photography becomes an advantage because your presence will not stand out by carrying a camera.

  1. Hobbies

Ok, like you have a culinary hobby, why not just take pictures about it? The object can be the preparation that you do, the equipment and ingredients needed for the results of cooking.

This will really help you to show your passion. Especially if you want to build a blog. Your photography object will be very helpful.

Those 7 objects are the best objects you can use for learning. Now, you only need to apply some tricks and techniques that will be explained in other articles. Have fun!

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